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How to Make Better Business Decisions

As entrepreneurs, I believe decision making defines much of what we do. Some decisions are as trivial as “Who should I purchase my website domain from?” Yes, this really does not matter. But others are as significant as “Should I file as an LLC or an S-Corp?” Like most, I generally think I am a wise decision maker, but it’d be dishonest to say I haven’t had my fair share of mistakes. Making mistakes is a natural part of the whole experience, and they’re valuable as long as we learn from them. Our greatest successes will come from prudent decision making though. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1) Find a mentor or consultant. Or a few.

Mentorship is huge. Having a “go-to” for questions or concerns is an invaluable resource. Experience is key, so it’s best to take the advice of someone who’s been where you are. Another entrepreneur who’s farther along is great, and someone who belongs to the same industry or niche is even better. The counsel of more than one individual can also be valuable, but be sure to seek more quality than quantity in this regard. The biggest thing will be trust, though. You must ensure that you can really trust those who offer any type of advice. If trust is missing from the equation, you may receive poor counsel, even from the most experienced individual.

2) Calculate everything.

I love to analyze statistics and work with numbers. I’m the customer or client who doesn’t just want to hear testimonials and read reviews, I want to see the cold hard facts and the numbers that back them up. I recognize that this probably isn’t the case for most others. Crunching the numbers might be a drag, but I guarantee that it’s worth the hassle. Well calculated decisions tend to be the right ones, and will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

3) Go slowly.

I conclude with this point because it is by far the most important. Doing all of the above will involve simply taking some time and going slowly. I can honestly say that the worst choices I’ve ever made resulted from rushed decisions. Sometimes, things just aren’t going as planned and we begin to become a bit impatient. Going slowly and “proceeding with caution” is often the best solution to making proper decisions. Your future self will thank you for this.

When it comes technology, let guide you.

Samuel Corso is the CEO of TechSuite. He is passionate about bringing quality technology to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Are You Too Busy to Take That Next Step?

An investment into technology is a necessity for any business leader. Though social media has become a priority in the last ten or so years, a website has been an essential factor for any business even longer than that. Even the small startups operating out of basements have websites. But in today’s economy, is a simple 5-pager enough? Don’t get me wrong, it is for some businesses. But can a founder go into business in 2016, have a local developer create a small website or quick landing page, and then write-off the need for technology in the business place? No, and the once-a-week posts on social media won’t cut it either.

What we have to realize is that our online presence represents us as a brand in the mind of our consumers. Even if we have a website, but it is outdated and lacking a clean appearance or modern functionalities, we are displaying a poor representation of our business.

This graphic from Kissmetrics shows how even your loading time and site performance could turn away potential customers or prevent existing customers from ever returning.

By now, you probably understand my point. You might be saying, “This doesn’t apply to me. I just redid my website and I maintain it regularly.” But lets take it a step further. How else can we use technology in the business place to improve what we do? Let me offer a few examples.

  • Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Mobile devices now drive somewhere around 60% of all online traffic.
  • Have you done any search engine optimization to improve your rankings on Google, or have you ran paid advertising campaigns to bring traffic to your site? A website with no traffic does no good. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to bring traffic either.
  • Have you tried Conversion Rate Optimization to turn your site viewers into customers and subscribers? Our end goal isn’t just traffic, it’s sales.
  • Does your business sell tangible goods? You’d be surprised at what can be sold online. An eCommerce solution could be huge for you. Think about it, you’re offering potential customers a 24-hour showroom in the convenience of their home.
  • Do your customers regularly interact with you and your business? A mobile app could simplify and enhance this experience.

This is where I see too many go wrong. Some miss the point. Others see the value, yet they’re often “too busy” to go ahead with it. Whether you’re new in business or are already thriving, an investment into a technology solution tailored to what you do could be the next step for growth. Speak to me today about how I can help you with just that.

Samuel Corso is the CEO of TechSuite. He is passionate about bringing quality technology to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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The Perfect Medium Between Overly Ambitious & Short-Sighted

As business founders, owners, and/or executives, we have a lot on our plates. Depending on what stage your business is in, you might be the CEO whose primary focus is to direct vision for the company OR you might be like the guy in the new Wells Fargo commercial that is head of sales, human resources, technical support, etc just trying to get the startup off the ground. Regardless, we need to have a set of realistic goals that we are in pursuit of, while still taking care of business. I am finding that startups often have trouble finding a balance between what I would describe as “being shortsighted” and being overambitious or getting too far ahead of ourselves.

I know from firsthand experience that it can be extremely overwhelming to take care of every little thing. There were months when I was doing 100 hour days to get things going. But I was an ambitious entrepreneur planning R&D activity to build breakthrough technologies to change the way people do things. This is all I knew, all I wanted, and all I dreamt about, but I soon recognized the reality that a lot of it is probably a bit farther down the road. That’s when I buckled down and created a set of realistic goals. They motivated me, gave me purpose, and gave me direction…and that should be all we need to continue to do what we do each day.

If App Development, Web Design, or SEO is on that list of goals, find us at

Samuel Corso is the CEO of TechSuite. He is passionate about bringing quality technology to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Refining Your Processes as a Startup

Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and very few startups see true growth right from the “get-go.” The reality is that for most entrepreneurs, we have to refine our processes – seeing what works and what doesn’t, and keeping up-to-date in an ever-changing economy. This involves changing our sales strategies, improving our marketing techniques, and reshaping our operating methods. Oftentimes, the changes are incremental, but it can occasionally involve a total overhaul of how we do business.

Refining is a business process in and of itself, and it’s definitely not a one-time or overnight deal. It can be hard at times because we typically don’t want to stray away from what we think is right. What we have to realize is that refining our processes is notan undertaking reserved for struggling entrepreneurs, but is instead a vital and continuous effort that we must all make to see true growth. Start simple and allocate just an hour each week to reflect on “What was effective for me this week? What wasn’t?” and then decide on what changes need to be made.

Samuel Corso is the CEO of TechSuite. He is passionate about bringing quality technology to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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